The schools in which I taught had more students
who played flute selected for all-state honor
bands than any other school in the state due in
large part to Vanessa’s instruction. She is an
outstanding teacher and performer”
……Terry Ingram, award-winning band director

“…it was not until Vanessa became an integral part
of my band programs that I began to enjoy superior,
quality flute sections. She is a master teacher.
Her expectations are high and demanding, but she
encourages students with patience and understanding
to achieve their goals.Vanessa is very passionate
about the flute, music, and the enrichment of her students.
She inspires students through music.”
……Michelle Martin, award-winning band director

I believe everyone should be able to access the joy of music in their lives. I am happy to work with anyone who has a desire to learn.

My teaching background is widely varied. I have experience teaching all ages and backgrounds, from beginner through adult, and I enjoy the challenge of teaching people of all levels and interests. My experience includes secondary school instruction, university teaching, and running a full time private studio. My students have a reputation for doing very well at contests and competitions, consistently placing among the top performers.

My approach to music is largely classical, since that is where my training lies, and it is the genre with which I am most comfortable. However,the lessons I teach are tailored to each individual’s needs and desires. We are all on a constant learning curve, and I am happy to learn new things along with my students in order to help them achieve individual goals.

My performance experience includes many orchestra and chamber ensemble performances, recitals, and auditions. This, in addition to the coaching I have received from some of the very finest performers, allows me to nurture the growth of my students in several different areas: fundamentals, etudes, solo repertoire, ensemble coaching, and orchestral repertoire.

Please contact me for further details regarding long term study, short term coaching, or masterclasses.